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Sakura Moyou Photobook Covers!

Sakura’s First Photobook “Sakura Moyou” Covers have been released! “Sakura Moyou” translated to Sakura Pattern will be released on May 27. Link of where to buy  the photobook will be at the bottom. I already pre-ordered my Sakura Moyou Photobook and when I pushed the pay button, I had hoped that the cover wouldn’t be something… Continue reading Sakura Moyou Photobook Covers!

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Morito Chisaki Greetings Photobook

Here is another photobook that came in the mail with Hello Project BEST SHOT!. It’s Chisaki from Country Girls Mini Greetings Photobook. Chisaki’s photobook is part of a mini photobook series that derive from the said members Greetings DVD. So far Makino Maria from Morning Musume (I want this sooo bad), Yuka from Juice=Juice, and Chisaki… Continue reading Morito Chisaki Greetings Photobook

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Angerme Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku Review

Angerme’s 21st single English titled “One by One, One After Another / Itoshima Distance / If Love Has Already Begun”  Will be released on April 27! This single is 4th generation Kamikokuryo Moe  debut single and 2nd generation Tamura Meime  graduation single. Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku (Music Video) Initial Thoughts: I will not give an initial thoughts evaluation because… Continue reading Angerme Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku Review

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Sakura Moyou!

Hip Hip! I never thought it would happen, I seriously believed that Sakura would be skipped over and they would continue on onto the next generation.

BUT! It is finally happening~

Oda Sakura is will be releasing her first photobook, “Sakura Moyou“.

No release date as of yet, but Sakura did mention filming by the ocean, at a studio, and at school (???)


You can check out the original announcement here: x

Muah! ❤