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Reviews: How it will be formatted.

Hello! In my introductory post I listed reviews as one of the things that I will be contributing to my site. I am very excited for this aspect of my site, It will be my first attempt of  review music critically (other than saying I like and dislike it). This will force to me think both critically and creatively and I am ready for the challenge. I would like to think of all my reviews as open discussions so please participate in the comment section~

Initial Thoughts: To state my thoughts before I listened to the music & my first thoughts after the first listen. (UPDATE: I decided to base this section upon the Hello!Project Station Previews)

Song:  After listening the song a few times what are my final thoughts. Is it good? Bad? Could be better? The final evaluation of the song.

Dance/Outfits: The dance and outfit are self explanatory. I wont spend too much time reviewing this section (if at all) unless there is something I feel the need to speak on or point out.

MV: I will also be commenting on set, budget, and appearance. Disappointment and ideas will be noted here as well.

Overall Conclusion (of album): The last section is to state my final thoughts on the overall single/album as WHOLE.

This will be the beginning format of how reviews will work. I will change the format if something doesn’t fit or needs to be added.

Muah! ❤


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