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℃-ute Summer Wind Review

Today I will be doing my first review on ℃-ute’s “Summer Wind” ,

Because I started my site and reviews after their two previous MVs, only Summer Wind will have a full review. The other two songs will be concluded in the overall conclusion. This is my first review of anything, but I gave it a shot~

Here is my first review of an Hello Project Single~ Let’s Go!

Summer Wind  (Music Video)

Initial Thoughts:  When the song begin, I immediately got the sense of what kind of song Summer Wind was going to be. Calm or steady, like the ocean with no currents. There was not going to be any spikes of energy (the chorus did pick up a bit) that will have the song running at a fast pace. I have no problem with songs like Summer Wind, the kind that is steady and puts the audience at rest; there’s a sense of settlement when listening to it. The song passes my initial inspection!

[Note:] Even though I loved the song on the first listen….after the first 24 hrs I don’t remember anything about the song.

Song: My initial opinions about the song has not changed much. I think it’s an beautifully arranged song but it’s not very memorable. It doesn’t leave a strong impression after the first listen. Even saying this,  I like the song because it’s a style I like.  I feel bad saying I like the song but I don’t remember it well but it’s true! While I listen to it, I love it! It’s one of the songs that can take you away to your memories (the overall vibe I got from the song). I love the fact that Mai and Nacky have more parts, I get to hear their voices more. And while I already have a clear understanding of Mai’s voice, Nacky is still a bit unclear to me.

MV: The music video is simple and that’s the beauty of it. Both the song and the sets of the music video blend together seamlessly. The song is calm and mostly stays at one tempo which the direction of the music video follows, it’s not too busy. The effects (my favorite is the merging dance scenes) added to the music video instead of distracting away from the main attraction, which is the song.

Overall Conclusion: As an overall score I’ll give this album a 2/3. It’s great experiencing my first ℃-ute single as it came out (I knew about them for awhile but I only recently looked into them.) The first two songs released ‘Naze Hito wa Arasoundarou?’ and ‘Jinsei wa STEP!’ are another type of song style that I absolute adore. Songs the are retro or vintage are my absolute favorite, you can mostly never go wrong with this (for me). A lot of young people my age don’t share the same sentiment; They think it’s old and boring because it’s not something their generation created. That being said ‘Jinsei wa STEP!’ is my favorite song of the single, followed by Summer Wind. ‘Naze Hito wa Arasoundarou?’ is my least favorite song of the album, and I knew that from the first time I watched the music video. I said I love songs with old vibes but not this one. The thing I like most about this song is Airi’s solo in the beginning. She did an amazing job and it was absolutely beautiful.

For me ‘Jinsei wa STEP!’ succeed where ‘Naze Hito wa Arasoundarou?’ failed. Contrasting the first release, ‘Jinsei wa STEP!’ stuck with me from the beginning. Airi, Chisato, and Maimi did an amazing job (and might I add that Maimi looked absolutely stunning here). The happy tune and the dance is sticks to me glue, the beat stuck in head on replay. ℃-ute definitely did and A+ job with this song.

Comparing “Summer Wind” to the other two songs on this single, it definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. The  other two songs follow a theme that is of the exact opposite of “Summer Wind”. While ‘Jinsei wa STEP!’ and ‘Naze Hito wa Arasoundarou?’ picked a theme and style from the retro days; ‘Summer Wind’ could possible be described a modern-contemporary. ‘Summer Wind’ is smooth and calm while ‘Jinsei wa STEP!’ and ‘Naze Hito wa Arasoundarou?” are a bit more energy charged and update. And of all three of the music videos, Summer Wind is the one I like the most.

This concludes my first review~

If you disagree or something to add please leave a comment below. I would love feedback and discussion.

The single will be released on April 20, You can purchase it here or here.

Muah! ❤


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