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Hello Project BEST SHOT! VOL.23 Photobook

Today I got some photobooks in the mail! This will be my first mail post on my new site. To keep up with my mail regular please check out my Instagram specifically made for this.

The first photobook I will be covering is the Best Shot Volume 23 book, my first of it’s kind. So here we go! You can purchase the book here.

Note: I will not be posting every picture in the book, there will be a lot of photos from the book but I will not be posting everything. Keep in mind that the book is kind of thick.

 Here is the cover of the book. The photobook features every group in some kind of way. Please remember that I will not show every photo, in fact I skipped quite a lot. If want to see the other photos please buy the book. 

Maimi starts us off with the solos for the cover photo shoot.

Ms. Duu


My favorite girl Akira~

And lastly Rikako

And to finish off this photo shoot, we have the last group shoot. Towards the end of the photo book each girl will have a few pages dedicated to the photo book they released in 2015, these photos are suppose to be unreleased photos as well.

Country Girls’ newest and adorable addition  Funaki Musubu and Yanagawa Nanami.

And adorable group shot with Country Girls in Pjs

For Angerme, we have Moe all by her lonesome~

Up next, is Kobushi Factory!

Wah! Two of my favorite Tsubaki Factory idols, Yumeno and Risa. They make a good pair for a picture ❤

Two of Kobushi starlets~

A shot of the newest Morning Musume Generation, the 12ki! Ogata, the look in you eyes >_<

Wah! This is too cute not to share! ❤ ❤ ❤

A cozy photo with the Tomoko, Sayubee, and Yuka

℃-ute Time!

I can tell you right now, that I am not the biggest Mai fan but this photo is so gorgeous that I had to share it.

It’s Solo Photobook time. In 2015 Maimi, Karin, Akari, Rikako, Haruka, and Riho all released photo books and here are some of the photo books that did not make it.

This is such a beauty and pure picture of Rikako. She’s not my favorite Angerme member but she’s absolutely gorgeous here.

I tried to pick a photo of Akari not in a bathing suit, but that’s basically all they gave me. So picked the lesser of two evils >_<


I’ve seen some of the previews from Duu’s photobooks and I like the ones of her in the snow the best; I am glad they added one here.

Gorgeous Maimi~

And lastly, Sayashi Riho. This photo is from her Zenshu 2011-2015 Photobook. Basically that photobook had photos from all of her photobooks that she released (I think they were unreleased as well.) I have a copy of this photobook a Riho graduation present to myself. This photo is credited to be from 2011

The back of the book.

And Scene!

Muah! ❤


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