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Morning Musume ’16 61st Single Covers

The covers for Morning Musume 61st single “Utakata Saturday Night! / The Vision / Tokyo to Iu Katasum” have arrived!

At the bottom the the page, I’ll place a link where you can purchase the single!

Limited Edition A

Regular Edition A

“Utakata Saturday Night!” English name “Bubbly Saturday Night” seems to be a direct reflection  its name. Something bright and colorful. High energy and upbeat. The costumes also look a bit…hmm…old fashioned? Maybe?  Well, not exactly its closer to something the older generations of Morning Musume would wear. Kanon seems to be the center of both covers; This might be the single were Kanon will lead as her goodbye song.

Limited Edition B

Regular Edition B

I’m a little excited for this single. So far from what I know, “The Vision” will have a dance unit that will not partake in the singing of this song; just like “Oh My Wish”. But unlike The Vision, “Oh My Wish” is as strong with a steady and hard beat. Instead “The Vision” is more slow and tranquil; and will probably be Morning Musume’s “slow” song for this single. It will be interesting to see how the dance unit (Mizuki, Ayumi, and Erina) will be incorporated into this song.

Limited Edition C

Regular Edition C

Ah! The dread. The cover of these two editions reflect the MV set of what was seen so far on Hello Project Station… cheap. And the regular version of the music video might not change much at all.


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Muah! ❤


2 thoughts on “Morning Musume ’16 61st Single Covers

  1. I’m looking forward to The Vision the most. Cool title, great costuming, and a nice-seeming sound.

    And while the Hello!Sta ver was pathetically cheap, Ayumi did mention in her blog that there are more scenes for Tokyo to Iu, and it’s “very cool”, so it gives me some hope.


    1. Oh well that’s great! I really like Tokyo to Iu and while the past cheap video didn’t bother me, that MV was too much especially since I was expecting something cool. But I’m glad to hear there will be something more. I’m excited for The Vision too, the rip was very interesting

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