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Angerme Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku Review

Angerme’s 21st single English titled “One by One, One After Another / Itoshima Distance / If Love Has Already Begun”  Will be released on April 27! This single is 4th generation Kamikokuryo Moe  debut single and 2nd generation Tamura Meime  graduation single.

Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku (Music Video)

Initial Thoughts: I will not give an initial thoughts evaluation because I watched Angerme perform in live at least 20+ before it was released (reference: live performance) and before I made my blog.

Song:  In my strongest opinion this song is awesome! I loved from the start, when I watched the girls perform it live. There are many songs that I don’t like on the first listen, many because my brain is processing all the different elements of the song or… the song is just bad. Even listening to a live before hearing the studio version is usually a turn off but the strong beat and the transition into something more electronic more techno kept me captivated. The rap section was almost almost a turn-off but I quickly dismissed that notion. One of my more favorite parts of the songs has to do with the bridges before the chorus, where there is a force of the girls voice that captivated me so strongly. Then the song progress into a pre-chorus, then chorus. The chorus most definitely made the song. The fast pace and energized flow keeps the song moving on a rapid current. And my most favorite part of the line has to be the Take-chan, Kana, Murotan, Ayaka train line, that ending of the song impressive greatly and sealed the deal with my love for this song.

Dance/Outfits:  When I first watched the live performance of Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku I  fell in love with the dance instantaneously; even though some formations and transitions looked odd because Maho was missing. But I am sad to say that the music video doesn’t do the dance justice. I feel as if the music video missed some of the key choreography, the parts of the dance that stood out the most to me. The other side of me still I loved some of the close-up dance scenes in addition with the slow-motion trio scenes but as far as seeing the dance as a whole, I think a big part of it was missing from the video.

An Extra Word: In addition to the review I would like to comment on Kamikokuryo Moe, Angerme’s newest member. I would like to applaud her for her quick study and growth. Moe does not stand out to me in the video or in the live performance (of this song) as a new member, in fact if I was unaware of Angerme and watching them for the first time, I would swear she’s been there since day one.  That is a great change from when I first saw her perform with Angerme covering Kanon’s lines. Moe looked awkward, gangly, and out of place. She stood out then because she was a novice, an amateur. Now even under the same conditions and this being her debut those same adjectives do not apply. I cant wait to see more improvement in the future!

You can purchase the single here (regular edition)

Muah! ❤


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