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Morito Chisaki Greetings Photobook

Here is another photobook that came in the mail with Hello Project BEST SHOT!. It’s Chisaki from Country Girls Mini Greetings Photobook.

Chisaki’s photobook is part of a mini photobook series that derive from the said members Greetings DVD. So far Makino Maria from Morning Musume (I want this sooo bad), Yuka from Juice=Juice, and Chisaki have a photobook from this series.


The cover of Chisaki’s Photobook. This photobook is small just like the name implies “Mini”. Just like the other post I made from the Best Shot photobook, I will not be posting all the photos from the book.

If you can you can buy the book from here, just remember that it will go Out of Print soon, like Makino Maria so it might not be available later.

It think it’s safe to say that the scenes with in the yellow outfits are my favorite.

The obligatory uniform shot. But LOOK her hair is down.

Chisaki? Do you really play tennis?

That’s the back of the book.

And Scene!

Muah! ❤


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