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Hello Pro Kenshuusei 13th Generation Audition

Current Hello Pro Kenshuusei

This year Morning Musume ’16  will be holding the 13th generation auditions, which will hopefully bring new members to the the group. As many fans know this audition cycle is very important for Morning Musume; the group lost their long time ace (or center) Sayashi Riho. Riho was a big part of Morning Musume during her time there and her departure left a big hole in center,  a hole that the 13th generation might fill or help fill.

For those of you who are unaware “Hello Pro Kenshuusei” is the trainee program under Hello Project. They take in girl who want to be idols and trainee them in dancing and singing lessons. These Kenshuusei perform openings for H!P group concerts, participate as background dancers for H!P groups, and they also hold their own concerts and showcases. The Kenshuusei perform cover songs and their own Kenshuusei songs for their performances. It’s a competitive battle field and not everyone makes it to a group.

Down below are the girls that I hope will debut into Morning Musume, along with some girls that I think are good candidates…possibly.

(Strong Candidate) Takase Kurumi

Takase walnut

First up is Takase Kurumi.  In all actuality, I am not very fond of Kurumi. But, there is a reason why she is on this list. With my recent discovery of the Kenshuusei (and actually learning some of the girls) Kurumi has, begrudgingly , stood out. I don’t know what it is exactly but this girl definitely has a presence, even if she’s not particularly strong in one thing (which I haven’t had the chance to look in to it that much.)  That presence is what made her stand out to me when she was in a practice group with several other girls and that same presence will help stand out if she debuts into Morning Musume.

(Possibility) Ichioka Reina

Rena Ichioka

When compared to Kurumi this Hello Project Kenshuusei fails in presence. In many situations I think she is easy to over look when in a room full of girls vying for the same thing she hopes to accomplish; this will only make it easy for her to become a “back girl” in Morning Musume. But! Despite all of that the girl can handle herself moderately well when it comes to singing; if she is not good singer then she is a decent singer which is something that Morning Musume needs right now. Her ability to hold her own is why I want her to succeed in this audition.

(Rooting) Danbara Ruru

Danbara lapis people

Ruru! Ruru is someone who shines brightly like the star is meant to be. Whenever I think of Ruru, I think of Sunshine. Something bright and yellow~ Ruru is MORE than an capable singer. I honestly don’t see a reason why she would not debut soon. The stage presence, she has it. The ability to sing, she has that as well. And her dancing ability… I haven’t really paid attention to her dancing because that is probably the least important thing to me when I evaluate idols; It’s nice if you can dance really well and if you can’t that’s okay too. I’m rooting for you Ruru~

(The Hopeful) Kaga Kaede

Kaede Kaga

Ah! We’ve finally down do Kaga. I think many people, myself, included are rooting for Kaga to debut into Morning Musume. Even if she doesn’t pass the 13th generation audition, I would be happy to see her debut into any H!P group. Poor Kaga has been a trainee for a long time and has failed Morning Musume auditions quite a few times as well. Not only that but she’s nearing the maximum audition age. It is becoming a now or never situation for Kaga and I think that makes people who want to watch her succeed even more desperate. In actuality I think Kaga would’ve fit either Factory groups. In Kobushi she would’ve been another strong member to the team. For Tsubaki I can see her being the strong and capable leader or member that the group needs. But that is not the reality of this situation and I can only hope for the best when it comes to Kaga.

(The Future) Kiyono Momohime 

Seino Momo々Hime

Let’s talk about Momohime. Momohime is a recently acquired Kenshuusei joining in the latest generation. And among her generation mates she most definitely stands out. It’s because she’s so darn cute! Because of young age, I dont exactly want her to join Morning Musume just yet, even though she is at the application age. Even if she never ever debuts into Morning Musume, I will be happy if she debuts into any H!P Group; I can say the same thing for other Kenshuusei I like.

Despite Momohime only being 11 years of age she has already had an impressive track record. She has joined idol academies and debuted in a idol duo. And all of her hard work definitely shows, she’s an acquired gem. (witness her cuteness and dancing : video)

Muah! ❤


2 thoughts on “Hello Pro Kenshuusei 13th Generation Audition

  1. A well-written post. While I don’t know the trainees much, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Kaga. She would have been perfect in Tsubaki, making the group a lot more appealing from the start. I’m hoping for her debut anywhere at this point. As for Momohime, I think by 13-14 she would be good for debut.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thank you! Kaga seems really ambitious to join Morning Musume. It will be sad that she trained for so long and never got into the group that she wanted. Hopefully this year will be her year!

      Liked by 1 person

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