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Morning Musume ’16 Utakata Saturday Night! Review

Morning Musume 61st English titled “Bubbly Saturday Night! / The Vision / A Corner Called Tokyo” has been released! This single will be Suzuki Kanon’s last single as a Morning Musume member.

Utakata Saturday Night! (Music Video)

Initial Thoughts: Omg! Absolutely love it on the first listen! I knew that Utakata Saturday Night was going to be an energetic song. The song definitely embodies Suzuki’s happy and cheerful energy. I found myself actively watching the music video and waiting for the next scenes so much that I didn’t have to force myself to pay attention. I laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the song,  especially towards the end with the endless “Do it.”  The best was definitely saved for last and I am totally in love right now. In my honest opinion Suzuki’s song couldn’t have been any better! Hip Hip!

Song:  It’s a Disco! Definitely something that makes the spirit lively. This song is energy packed in a way that is different from the energy, the aura, and concept of Tokyo to Iu Katasum. For this particular song Suzuki wasn’t pushed to the back and had more than one line. This is Suzuki’s single but saying this, her lines did not dominate the whole song; which is the direct opposite of Riho’s graduation song. I believe this is because Suzuki never held a front or center position (excluding Oh My Wish!) so there was no reason to start giving her that (complete) space now.

Suzuki had a speaking part toward the end of the song. Speaking parts are very temperamental for me. I like them only if it’s not awkward and fits the song; unfortunately there are many H!P songs that have speaking parts that definitely do not sit well with me. Gratefully that is not the case with Suzuki’s lines, I was pleasantly surprise to hear her speaking in such a energetic and happy voice. Suzuki was also given an important part of the song, the space right before the second chorus hits, and she totally nailed it! That surprised me as well, not that she nailed it, but that she was given that important line.

Outside of Suzuki, all of the members got a solo line. A chance to shine for a moment. I  like parts of the song as their own individual sections. Separating the individual sections and taking them for their own value, they are all good. I don’t have a single complaint about this song at all, there is not something nagging at me to hate at. I think this is the best song on the single.

Dance/Outfits: The dance fits with the retro theme of the music video and song. It’s very fun and exaggerated, with big  movements and peace signs. When it came to Ayumi’s dance solo, I don’t like it…at all. There is something awkward about it? Or maybe that it does seem to be enough?  I really could’ve have done without it. Besides that little tidbit I have no complaints about the dance. And just to note, I did peek that some of the dance movements were similar to past Morning Musume dance from the older generations.

Do it?

Infinite Do it~ >_<

MV: At least we see where all of the budget for this single went.  H!P released the videos in reverse order starting with Tokyo to Iu Katasum, then The Vision, and ending with Utakata Saturday Night being the last to be released.  I’ll admit that when it came to this single the videos were quite disappointing until we got to this beauty. From Tokyo to Iu Katasum the music videos went from worse to better in terms of production and creativity. There is a lot more going on in Utakata Saturday Night than in the previous two videos. Was it worth to neglect the other videos in order to make Utakata Saturday Night great?  I honestly don’t know… I am very happy that a lot of thought and creativity (and money) was put into “Suzuki’s song”, very happy, but the other two videos did leave a heavy and lingering disappointment that is of hard to let go of.

On to happier and better things, such as this Music Video! Suzuki is clearly the star, and as I said earlier, I believe this song represents Suzuki well.

The music video has nice edits. My favorite will have to be the solo shots with the image of the girls trailing behind them.

It is always a party with Morning Musume! There are plenty of scenes where the girls are having fun and enjoying their selves.

I really enjoyed this music video. Its bright, colorful, and happy. The quality of this music video definitely surpassed all of the videos that Morning Musume released last year (expect for THAT one)

You can purchase the single here (regular edition)

Muah! ❤


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