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Tiffany I Just Wanna Dance Review 

Girls’ Generation Member Tiffany has released her first solo “I Just Wanna Dance”

I Just Wanna Dance (Music Video)

Song: Woah! Fany had finally done it. After nearly teasing and hearing solo rumors for a year, it is finally here. Fany has said that she enjoys western pop music, and her album reflects that in a way. It is perfectly understandable for Fany to enjoy western music and have own composed music and debut reflect that since Tiffany is a born and made girl from California.

Her song definitely has a old school ’80s retro vibe which I fully predicted here. Even though I thought it would possibly be song that has an old school vibe, I didn’t fully expect it to be that way. Hmm the song has a sound that reminisce past Madonna and Mariah Carey songs and I especially hear that during the chorus. I also seen some people describe the music as more of a synth pop genre, which I can totally see and understand.

I think I mentioned before that I am a fan of songs that remind me of eras from the past. I have no problem with those because that’s my personal style. But I also know that many people around my age don’t feel that way and they hate anything that doesn’t sound modern or contemporary; that’s a little sad because they’re missing out on some great music just because it doesn’t sound current.


Most obviously the highlight of the dance was Tiffany’s floor work. It was definitely a bit unexpected that she would dance a good part of her chorus on the ground. Hmm I just hope she can pull it off live.

These are a few of my favorite outfits from the MV and all I say is leg, leg, and more leg. Some of the outfits in the MV definitely give off a more bohemian style.  The main idea is that it is hot outside and who wants to be covered up when all she wants it so be free and dance.

MV: I think wanted to fully show who she is in her solo debut Music Video. The video was filmed in California and despite being a Kpop Star Tiffany has never shied away from roots and has always embraced her Cali girl.

Besides that the video has nothing special about… we have some nice scenic shots, a billion close-ups of Tiffany’s pretty face, and some dance scenes. That pretty much writes up the script for a regular music video. Though saying this I think this type of video suits the sound of the music video just right. The only other way I would have it is to have Fany surrounded by her favorite color…Pink!

Recommended Songs From Album: Talk, Yellow Light, What do I do (Eng Ver) I Just Wanna Dance.

You can get the single from here


Muah! ❤


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