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My Introduction to J-Pop & Hello Project

I wanted to dedicate an article explaining how I was introduced and how I became a fan of Hello Project. It’s kind of a long and complex story if I don’t tell it right. So here we go!

As I’ve stated before on the About Me, I am a fan of Asian music (more in the parameters of Japan and Korean music). I started off listening to Korean Pop music sometime in 2012, and I was in love and hooked into it. K-pop became my favorite type of music and the type of music I listened to the most. It was through K-pop that I learned many things about J-Pop. Though may I now mentioned that it was mainly biased information given to me by K-Pop biased fans. If you ever came across K-Pop vs. J-Pop videos you may notice some bias in those as well.

So to get straight to it, all Japanese pop music was summed up to me (and taken as) the worst type of music. It was fake, perverted, had massive lip-syncing and so much more. And for the longest time I hated J-Pop and wanted nothing to do with it (did I mentioned I watched a KyaryPamyuPamyu and AKB48 video and those did NOTHING to help.)

I don’t know what exactly changed my mind on the subject but I decided to give J-Pop a real shot one day, and I think I was determined to keep looking at J-Pop groups until I found one I liked. At the time I was using a popular site K-Pop news site for all of my news  and that site had a J-Pop related sister site. That sister site was (is) not the best place to search out news; their articles are mainly dedicated to certain popular groups and for a news site they did not post often (honestly you could click a prev button a few times and catch up on the past months).  But, it was through that site I discovered my first J-Pop group, Juice=Juice.

Yes, my first Japanese Pop girl group was Juice=Juice. And I can tell you now the only reason I clicked on that article was because of the group name. Such an interesting name, so interesting and unusual that I had to check it out ( I’ll admit most of me was expecting the worst.)  The article was about Juice=Juice’s indie debut (reference: Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne ). I watched the video and listened to the song. I like the song, not well enough to follow them or get to know them, but well enough to wish them well and keep moving. Fast forward to a few months later and I wondered how the Juice=Juice girls were doing. Going back to the website and taking a few clicks to go back a few months, I found that Juice=Juice had released another song (reference: Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru ) and my response was the same as before. After that I left Juice=Juice and J-Pop alone and didn’t bother anymore.

After watching the last video, I don’t know how much time had passed until my curiosity about Juice=Juice peaked once again.  This time I traveled to Youtube and searched their name (I remembered it this time around) and found their channel. It was then that I found one of my favorite Juice=Juice song (reference: Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete yo). After watching the video and falling in love with the song I scanned through the comment section. Many of the comments read along the same line; mentioning some girl named Ayumi from Morning Musume. And I said too myself, well which girl is that (because I never learned the Juice=Juice girls.) That question led me to my very first Morning Musume song, the song that sank me into J-Pop and Hello Project for good, it was the beginning of the end (reference: Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai ). That song had me hooked with the repetitive  “Nippon Nippon Nippon”. I didn’t learn who Ayumi was that day but I discovered Morning Musume and Hello Project. After that the rest is Hello Project History~



Muah! ❤


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