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Suzuki Kanon Graduates from Morning Musume ’16

Suzuki Kanon-615971

Goodbye to another amazing Morning Musume girl, ninth generation member Suzuki Kanon.  Kanon graduated from Morning Musume ’16 on May 31st.

I know I am a bit late with the article considering how long it has been since the her graduation concert, but… I was in bit of a funk and had a hard time getting out of it. Plus, I hoping for her graduation footage to be shown on the latest H!P Station but that didn’t happen (there is footage of Kanon recording her parts of Utakata Saturday Night, reference: Suzuki Recording.)

Within Morning Musume Kanon was a bit of a character. And there is not secret that among International fans Kanon is well love. What is there not to love? Kanon is lovable, bright, and funny. Many of Kanon’s international fans fell in love with her funny personality, bright smile, and shapely body. Kanon was not a the typical petite idol. She had some weight on her and Kanon being a bit overweight just gave more for fans to love. There is a skinny idol stigma but for the most part Kanon did not fall with in those lines and that made her even more popular and loved among foreign fans.tumblr_nzh65ayEIH1tpi5dvo1_1280

All of that being said I shall say that Kanon was never a member that I had trouble  liking. But I did not like her because she has a bit more body to her than the other girls but that didn’t make me dislike her either. Kanon weight was never an issue for me because it was just her, always her. I never made her weight an issue or a deal…. Expect for when she dropped a huge amount of weight during the MM ’15 summer promotions. But that’s neither here or there because it’s also not the first time, I have seen idols don’t fit the stereotypical idol standards.

It is a bit sad and unsatisfying that Kanon only got a bit of shine towards the end of her career. Yes her voice is a bit undeveloped, but it’s not horrible and certainly not the worst in current or past Morning Musume history. Suzuki’s voice natural fits a lower register, a lower register that many Morning Musume’s songs do not cater to.  A lot of Suzuki’s potential was hidden and she was pushed to the back. The times she did get a bit of spotlight came during her “Oh My Wish!” center time and during her Goodbye Single “Utakata Saturday Night”. But that’s all well a thoroughly discussed.

There is one specific time that Kanon took over the center position in Morning Musume and reveled in the spotlight. Morning Musume covered a Berryz Koubou back in 2014 and Suzuki was the main star. (Reference: Suzuki Koubou)  The main catch was that it  was a song about dieting, which some people were really hung up on and upset about. But the main point of it all is that Suzuki completely killed and owned that stage. Her voice was actually used and it fit both her and the song. And still it is was one of my favorite Morning Musume cover performances to this day, mainly because of the quirky and slightly annoying song and because of slayage Suzuki brought to the stage.


Speaking of Kanon’s graduation single….

Utakata Saturday Night (similar to Endless Sky) had bittersweet affect on me. I am was happy because I love the song but the other part of me is extremely sad because this it was a goodbye. I mentioned that I laugh towards the end of the song, but I also wanted to cry as well (though I held it in like a solider.) And while I am sure that there was never an intention to create sadness I couldn’t help myself because this was saying goodbye to another member and it was hard. I am  happy that the song was for her and something was made out of it. I watched both Sayumi and Riho graduate and their graduablog, Suzuki Kanon-614972tion songs actually made me cry because the lyrics were filled with sadness but Suzuki’s graduation song were the exact opposite but sadness still managed it’s way into my heart.

I’m not sad that Kanon is graduating, I mean I’m not sad sad. In the official press release Kanon stated that she wants to focus on Welfare and helping others. That is just one reason I am at peace with her decision. Just from that statement alone I gather that Suzuki not only wants to help better others but also better herself by being the tool to help people. She’s expressing her thoughts for her future and that involves helping others and that is nothing to be sad about.

The final reason that sealed the coffin was a piece of translated article I happen to run across as I was surfacing the internet. In a roundabout summary, Kanon mentioned a conversation she had with Riho after Riho had announced her graduation from Morning Musume. In the article Kanon stated that she had questioned Riho about her decision and if she was sure it was something that she really wanted to do. And then at that point the sureness of Sayashi Riho had also made her begin to start think of her future seriously as well.

In the end, as fans there is always a point of goodbye,  it could be from us or the people that decide to cheer on. And the only thing that we can do is wish for the best for that person.


Goodbye Kanon, I will miss you~

Muah! ❤


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