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Oda Sakura「Sakura Moyou」Photobook! (UPDATED)

It is finally here (about a week ago actually)! My own copy of Sakura Moyou! Sakura Moyou is the title of Morning Musume’s Oda Sakura very 1st Photobook!


This is my very first official photobook (excluding Greetings Photobooks). And Actually I am not that fond of photobooks… of actually owning them. But, at the same time there are many photobooks that I want to have….I know confusing right?

Anyways, I avoid buying photobooks (excluding Greetings Photobook) because of the content, you know? Even if I want them really bad. But it’s for Sakura that I will break that rule for. I will support her in anyway I can for her to be successful! Anyways, let’s get right to it!

Note: That I tried to pick more G-rated photos, especially when it came to her bathing suit pictures. I did not pick any close-up boobie shots to show but you can also purchase the photobook for yourself here and see those shots.

08/31/2017 UPDATED, I fixed some of the broken photo links 

We’re staring off with the cover of the book~

If you take off the paper cover, then a hard cover of the book is revealed. I actually prefer the hard cover of the book, it’s so simplistic.

Sakura x Sakura


A simple picture of Sakura in a school uniform, in this photobook there is a good amount of those, close up scenes too~

The first of three bathing suits

I am in love with the red sports jacket and Sakura with her hair in a ponytail. Ponytail Sakura is one my favorite styles on her…. she doesn’t wear it enough.

A sweet close-up

Hmmm  Do you know what’s next?

Sporty Sakura in Action

Bathing suit number two….which is completely hidden due to Sakura’s complex pose


Pictures with atmospheres similar to this one are the ones I look forward to the most.


Another beautiful photo

She has taken us to the beach!


And the final bathing suit

Final scene is Sakura in a beautiful yellow dress ❤

Here is the making of DVD that is stored in the back of the photobook.

The back hard cover


The back of the book.

And Scene!

Notice: Overall the photobook has a lot wonderful photos of Sakura in it but I only post a few photos because I want to encourage purchasing the actual item.



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