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Throwback Thursday! 03: Ladies Code

Yes! It is time for another Music Throwback Thursdays…Kpop edition.  When it comes to kpop and throwbacks I could make a list of post miles long of old kpop songs that I love. But this song is not that ancient and it is special to me.

Pretty Pretty

Today’s highlight is a song by Ladies Code, a kpop girl group that debuted in 2013. Ladies Code is one of the few groups that I supported since their debut. And since then I have loved all of their title tracks, but after the car accident that resulted in the loss of two member in 2014 I stopped listening to their old (it was current then) music.

I didn’t stop listening to their music because I stopped liking them, the remaining girls were recovering and on hiatus; and the loss of two girls in conjunction to listening to their music deeply sadden me.

I began listening to their old music around mid-2015 slowly song by song. I also supported the trio’s latest comeback (reference: here).  But it is only recently that I listened to one of my favorite tracks “Pretty Pretty” and OhMyGod did it hit me how much I use to love this song and how awesome it is <3.

For the remainder of the day I played “Pretty Pretty” over and over again~ This song was the height of Ladies Code musical style before the accident and definitely one of my favorite songs!

Muah~ ❤


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