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Murota Mizuki Greetings Photobook

Hello! Long time no see~

I am back with another unboxing! H!P is releasing bouts and bouts of Greetings Photobooks and I am doing my best to get the photobooks of my favorite girls.

Today we have Angerme’s Murota Mizuki from the third generation. Along with Mizuki, Makino Maria, Ogata Haruna, Morita Chisaki, Miyazaki Yuka, Kanazawa Tomoko have all released photobooks of this nature. The photobooks stems from the girls’ corresponding Greetings DVD.

Check out Mizuki’s Greetings DVD teaser!


Here’s the cover of the photobook. I would like to note that both Murotan’s photobook and Haruna’s photobook are a bit higher in quality when compared to Chisaki’s photobook. The cover has a matte-like finish.

I find Murotan to be just absolutely adorable. Her “I will do my best,” and “I won’t stop,” attitude is just one of many reasons.


I call these shots, “The Obligatory Schoolgirl Uniform Shots.” What’s a photobook without a schoolgirl uniform?…

Murotan’s smile and the twinkle in her eyes while she is performing is another reason I think she is amazing.

She is lovely 💮

The back of the photobook

And Fin!

If you want to see the photobook in full you can always support the artist and purchase it here! ^_^ CdJapan

Muah! ❤


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