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F(x) All Mine Review

F(x) is back with a single release for a SMTOWN STATION!

All Mine (Music Video)

Song:  “All Mine” is a classic F(x) song. A song that is based on a EDM, a style of music that has become a style marker for F(x)’s sound. For those of you who are unaware EDM is Electronic Dance Music. As I’ve mentioned, this sound has become a F(x) signature in terms of their musical style, so if you’re familiar with F(x)’s past song, then this genre of music is not unfamiliar.

In the past, I can definitely say that some of F(x)’s songs have taken me by surprise with their twist and turns (Red Light) and those songs took quite a few listens to get use to. And in comparison, other songs are the complete opposite,  I fall in love with right away and EDM was done right (4 Walls). And I would say that “All Mine” is in between these two types of songs, but is more on the side of  “EDM done right” more than anything else.

The song is not crazy, and does not have twist and turns like “Red Light”. The beat of the song is steady and consistent (always a plus). “All Mine” is upbeat and easy on the ears. Of course the music is heavily electronic, but I don’t think it has a drowning effect. I can easily use this song as walking music on a nice day (I know, I know). In comparison to past F(x) releases and title tracks I can definitely say that it is tone down and could’ve easily been a b-side on an album.

To sum everything together, I have no problems with this release ! ^_^

Dance/Outfit:  Because of All Mine’s candid shooting there are no dance scenes in this music video.


As for the girls wardrobe, they appear to be wearing casual clothing~

Music Video: “All Mine” was both filmed and directed by F(x)’s Amber. In comparison to F(x)’s past music videos this song lacks the professional setting and air. There are no fancy backgrounds or lighting; Just F(x) in front of the camera at regular settings.

Victoria in the concert venue

Amber in the backstage hallway

Krystal in the parking garage

And Luna, outside at an unknown area

This music video may lack professional influence but it gives us so much more, F(x),  free as can be. With the video being directed and edited by a fellow member, we see F(x) through a different set of eyes and in a image that is more true.

i wanted to do something different. something crazy and fun but genuine and meaningful. though many might think this type of video was "easy" to make.. but planning, shooting, and editing this was no doubt one of the most stressful videos i've ever done.. However, it's one of the most rewarding! thank you MeU for everything! Never gunna stop the grind!!! 다르게 하고 싶었어요. 정신 없고 재미 있으면서 진심을 담고 의미 있게. 이런 영상을 만드는 것이 쉽다고 생각 하실 수 있는데 솔직히 저에게는 "all mine"의 플랜닝, 촬영, 편집까지는 제가 영상을 만들었던것들 중에서는 젤 스트레스 많았던 영상이었습니다.. 그러나.. 젤 보람 있는!!! 우리 미유 항상 고마워요!! 노력하는 라마는 누구도 멈출 수 없지유!!!! #allmine #fx #smstation @victoria02_02 @hermosavidaluna @vousmevoyez

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And overall, I personal love and appreciate  Amber’s hard work. Especially since I am aware of the time limit she was working with. This music video was clearly filmed during the time of SM Entertainment’s company concert in Japan “SMTOWN V in Tokyo in Osaka.” Between the concert and the video release there was only 4 days (barely) and I know the pressure was hot on Amber to come out with something decent and appeasable to the fans. 

And in my very most honest opinion I think Amber did a fantastic job! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the music video because it showed a different side of the girls than what is usually seen in music videos and I LOVE that!

Recommended Songs: This song was a single release.


Muah! ❤


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