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℃-ute Disbandment: Top ℃-ute Songs!

With ℃-ute disbandment announcement, I thought it would be nice to compose an article about it. But since I’m not the most knowledgeable person on ℃-ute’s music and history, doing a post solely commenting on their disbandment (and how sucky it is) doesn’t seem sincere or genuine. So instead I thought to talk about their… Continue reading ℃-ute Disbandment: Top ℃-ute Songs!

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Tsubaki Factory Update: What’s With the New Members

Okay, okay! As many of you know there was been a huge announcement. Without any prior announcement, Tsubaki Factory now has a 2nd generation of members. The addition of the new generation took the group’s numbers from a total of six to nine. Tsubaki Factory is a made up of Kenshuusei who train under Hello… Continue reading Tsubaki Factory Update: What’s With the New Members

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Tsubaki Factory Hitorijime Review

Tsubaki Factory is back with their third indie single ‘Hitorijime / Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo.’ Yes! It’s third indie single and not their major debut. Hitorijime (Music Video) Initial Thoughts: I’ll admit in the beginning this song wasn’t exactly on my radar. So Tsubaki this is definitely a new song that is different from… Continue reading Tsubaki Factory Hitorijime Review

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Tsubaki Factory’s YouTube Channel

Yes! Finally Tsubaki Factory has created an official YouTube page! And with this new creation, an official music video for their new song ‘Hitorijime’ has been uploaded. I hope to be doing a review on it soon~ This is not Tsubaki Factory’s first music video but it is the first to be officially uploaded online… Continue reading Tsubaki Factory’s YouTube Channel