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Country Girls Dou Datte Ii No Review

With a skip and a hop, Country Girls are back! Back with their 4th single! For this song, Country Girls released two different MVs but for the sake of this review, I will only review the “normal” version.

Dou Datte Ii No (Music Video)

Initial Thoughts:  This song from the very beginning had my attention. I first heard the song while watching the performance on H!P Station.  I’m usually not a fan of watching performances before the MV release, in a lot of ways it can ruin the song for me. But not this song, ‘Dou Datte Ii No’ is too spectacular.

Song: Compared to the other singles that Country Girls have released, this song is loud and attention catching. ‘Dou Datte Ii No’  definitely shows a level up in Country Girls vocals. Even saying that, I would categorize the singing style as shout-singing.  In order to create a loud and strong sound, I feel like there’s a lot of shouting to help project their voices. The only problem with this for me is the potential wear it will have on the girls’ voices.


The repetitive “Dou Datte Ii No” is catchy and you definitely hear it A LOT. It’s common that songs have a catchy and repetitive chorus, but in this song ‘Dou Datte Ii No’ takes up majority of lyrics. Not that I’m complaining, justing noting what I hear. The song also lack clear verses; If I’m not paying attention or taking notes then I would’ve said the only time anyone ever got solo lines was towards the middle-end of the song. The song is a bit mashed and filled with ‘Dou Datte Ii No’. Nevertheless, despite all of that I still “dig” this song~

Dance/Outfits: The outfits I would say, are the usual plain cute dress. Nothing really special going on here. Though let’s note that the girl are wearing their colors, the first for a Country Girl music video.


MV: Thus far, every time Country Girls release a new music video, I see an upgrade in quality and production. And I definitely think they went a bit out of the way for this music video. And once again, I am in LOVE! I totally love the old school vibes and I hope Country Girls don’t move too far away from this concept, it suits them really well~

I am in LOVE with these filter shots and would’ve loved to see it more throughout the music video. It fits the theme and gives the music video a polish look. Could easily be my favorite part of the music video.

These heart shaped sunglasses are the life of the Country Girls parTAY! I am definitely feeling all these group shots of the girls having fun and being silly~

While this scene in the music video is definitely entertaining, I would’ve love to see the dance portion for this part of the song. It was my favorite dance move when watching it live, I was hoping to have a music video glorify it.

Nevertheless, watch out for Momoko’s face in the middle of the drums her bandmates are beating~


If you want to check out the alternative music video you can watch it here!

Muah! ❤


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