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Throwback Thursday 04: Morning Musume Sakura Mankai

Annnnd! I’m back with another Throwback Thursday! I know I was gone for a while >_<. There’s no real excuse but I hope to get back into the swing of things! ^_^

For now, here is  something sweet and simple~

Hare Ame Nochi Suki ♡

I’ve always known about Morning Musume Sakura Mankai and I’ve listen to a song or two but I never gave them a honest chance. But atlas! While surfing youtube, I came across a video of Morning Musume ’16 performing Hare Ame Nochi Suki! It was a beautiful performance that inspired me enough to both check out the original and the write this article!

The original music video

Morning Musume ’16 performance

Muah! ❤



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