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My Favorite H!P Songs of 2016

I’ve had this type of article on my mind for a while but I’m just now getting to it. As a way to acknowledge 2016 and some of the glorious songs that were produced, I’ve decided to create this list.

Tsubaki Factory


Granted there wasn’t really anything to choose from, this was a great song by Tsubaki Factory. It was a different from their music that they previously released, which was a bit hard to get over, but it’s a song I’m glad to love.

Kobushi Factory

Kobushi no Hana

Honestly speaking, I didn’t think that I would like this song, upon watching the short PV. It seemed meh, and I felt kind of “ugh!” But upon watching the full version of the PV, I was totally with it. Kobushi released something a bit different than I expected, and I think that’s why I love the song so much. This song is a bit slower but it capitalized their deep voices. Love Love Love!

Country Girls

Koi wa Magnet

This is a song I hated in the beginning.I disliked it a lot. To me, at the time, it wasn’t Country Girls’ style and my opinion of that hasn’t changed. Last year, Country Girls released nice songs, songs that I got along with fairly well. But not many of them were outstanding. This is one of the good songs. So good that it’s one I rarely skip over when it comes on shuffle.


Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja na

Ah! Juice=Juice this song was in a really close race with Dream Road! A song which I love! But “Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja na” won the race. I would consider this song,  average when compared to all of Juice=Juice discography… ^_^ For me this song represents Akari. I simply love the attention she was given in this song, perhaps that’s why I was memorized by it. Hehe, everyone else did a great job too~


Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku

Angerme’s releases this year were all A+. It was hard to pick a song that I liked the most, because I honestly loved all of them! But I remember the excitement for this song the most! The way it hypothesized me when I first watched them perform it live. I hope Angerme continued releasing songs that make them spectacular.

Morning Musume

Mukidashi de Mukiatte

Eh~ I liked a lot of Morning Musume’s songs this year but this one is more of my style. Or something similar to what I would like to see from Morning Musume. Their releases from earlier in the year were awesome but I don’t really find myself listening to them that often. So I picked my current fave, I see you “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu”.


Jinsei wa STEP!

Ah! Another song I crapped on in the beginning. Hehe, for me I love the style and musicality. Airi, Maimi, and Chisato’s voices lull me to this song, time and time again. Yes! C-ute has other great songs like “Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?” and “Mugen Climax” but this one is it for me. It’s the only one I listen to on repeat~

Thanks for reading! Please tell me about your favorite songs this year!

Muah ❤


4 thoughts on “My Favorite H!P Songs of 2016

  1. I think it was not so easy to decide my favourite songs for 2016

    But I choose a selection

    Morning Musume: Mukidashi de Mukiatte
    It is an awesome song

    Summer Wind

    Ai No Tame Kyou made shinkashite …
    The title is so long 😩

    Dream road
    My favourite song of all from 2016

    Country Girls
    Dou Datte Ii no
    The sound is so good and makes a good mood

    Kobushi Factory
    Sakura night fever

    Tsubaki Factory
    Not the best from Tsubaki but nothing better has released from them

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