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Tsubaki Factory Uruwashi no Camellia Review

Tsubaki Factory is back! And this time it is with a song from the their Major Debut SINGLEEE! Yus! How long have I waited to say this?


Uruwashi no Camellia (Music Video)

First Impressions: I first got a listen of this song, while watching Tsubaki perform this live on H!P Station. And I have to say, I was quite disappointed. “Ugh! This is the style of music Tsubaki Factory is going to debut with? I like the other style of songs, Tsubaki Factory has showcased before.” And how very unlike me, I did not enjoy the old time feels this song had. It was completely and utterly disappointing that this song would be apart of their major debut.


Song: Umm, let’s start with the beginning, yes?!? I both love and hate it. I love the sound effects, but it’s still not catchy enough. No. The real fun starts a few seconds later~


I admit, I did not have any hope for this song….at all! I was sure, I was meant to hate it and find it one of the most un-enjoyable Tsubaki Factory songs ever (I’m dramatic, I know). So imagine my surprise when I start to actually like the song, and replay it. My favorite part of the song is when they say “Camellia,” which, if  you don’t know, is the meaning of Tsubaki.


I am really happy that, like Kobushi Factory, Tsubaki Factory gets their own name songs too!

This is really upbeat and happy! It is meant to spread the warmth throughout your body and have you grinning from ear to ear whenever you hear it…at least that is how I feel.


Besides the beginning, I don’t have much to complain about when it comes to this song.

Dance/Outfits: When it comes to the dance there isn’t really much to say. It is simple with nice formations but nothing too diverse and complicated (at least from what is seen in the music video, perhaps I should watch the live once more?).



The outfits on the other hand…I have some words -_- The first set of outfits are problematic (More like I’m problematic…says my friend. ) I understand that they are trying to pay homage to their culture and the style of that time but the outfits are completely unflattering. Word…. or maybe it’s just the filter and I need my eyes and brain checked.


On the other side of those unflattering outfits are the cute and purple sailor outfits. I guess when compared to the previous outfits these aren’t the worse. And I guess they kind of fit the song, or can be made to fit since the other outfit is soooo….problematic. Once again, the outfit is cute and simple like everything else about this song and music video. Not so bad.





I really find these unplanned groups scenes to be the best! Especially when none of the girls are lingering awkwardly in the background everyone is having fun! It definitely fits the vibe of the song~



This is another scene I greatly enjoy. At first I found it quite creepy that the girls didn’t pay attention to the camera and when their singing part was finished they quickly turned their heads away. Now it is easily, one of my favorite parts that I anticipate.


We were given a lot of nice aerial shots!

The three new members first music video! Well done Mao,Mizuho, and Saori!





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