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Getting Over a Breakup Playlist: Kpop Jpop Edition

Adminnie is going through her first break up 😦

I hate feeling sad and not my regular self. Music has always been the thing to uplift my spirits.

So I put together a list of songs that have been helping me get through it all >_<

Note: this is not a playlist filled with sad songs. Most of the songs are fast paced and upbeat.

Red Velvet


For some unknown reason this song was the first one on repeat. I think the happy obnoxious beat kept mind away from what was happening.

Country Girls 

Koi Dorobou

This song has never failed at turning me up! >_<

This song is extremely cute, so if that’s not your thing then stay away.


Very Very Very

Very Very Very, is the same as Rookie for me. The repetitive but catchy chorus drowns out everything.

Black Pink

Playing with Fire

I’m not sure what it is but something about this song makes me feel on top of the world

“Kiss ’em while I diss ’em” – Lisa

Tsubaki Factory

Uruwashi no Camellia

I already wrote a review for this song but it makes me extremely happy. There’s no way I can listen to this song and not be happy. It’s cute and spontaneous. It’s not on any music portals yet, so I head over to YouTube to listen to it.

Luna, Hani, Solar

Honey Bee

Likewise to Playing with Fire, Honeybee is all about bring my self confidence up!




Hmmm, this song kind of makes me feel like a bad ass, so it’s a yes in my books.

Morning Musume

One Two Three

This one’s a banger! High energy and addicting, who has time to be sad when I could be dancing?



Actually, I don’t know why I added this song to the list. It’s borderline a sad song (with a cute element). But strangely this song doesn’t bring me down any lower than I’m already am.

Kobushi Factory 

Kobushi no Hana

This song is a bit slower… but the message is powerful. ^^

Nothing is really special about any of these songs except for the fact they keep my mind from going to that place!

I hope all my birdies find this to be of some help…

Here’s a playlist with all of the songs


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