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Mini Review: Taeyeon Fine + I Got Love

Taeyeon is back with her First Full Length Album “My Voice”. After releasing a multitude of songs last year, Taeng has finally given the fans what they want…a full album filled only with her voice. ❤

Initially, I wanted to review the full album but after time moved away from me I decided to only do a short review of two songs.


1. Fine (Title Track)

I’m not sure what genre of song I was expecting for Taeyeon to release next, I was kind of stuck in limbo with all the teasers. Was is going to a dance track? Ballad? Pop? Or something altogether different? Taeyeon likes to skip around with her music styles, so I think I was expecting something different from her previous releases.

But in truth, I would say that ‘Fine’ is a combination of ‘11:11 ‘and ‘I‘; Two of Taeyeon’s successful songs. Unlike  other songs, ‘Fine’ isn’t a song that takes a couple of listens to like. Truth be told, I was already in love with the song when I watched the video teaser. That small bit of sound had me hooked and ready for her new song.

From the first listen there is definitely a sad and regretful vibe to the song. Also the repeated “It’s not fine” in english is a big hint about the song’s concept. If you take a look at the translated lyrics the song, is quite sad. It definitely hit me… probably because of the space I was in mentally. The song starts off slow and a mellow, then the powerful chorus hits and takes you away. Regardless, it an enjoyable piece.

‘Fine’ is an easy listen with a simple and beautiful video (the crying scene made my jaw drop).


2. I Got Love (Pre-Release)

I got love was a beautiful pre-release that was an early gift to the fans. Luckily we were also given a nice music to go along with the song.

On the first listen, I was very enthralled in her voice. But I wasn’t full captivated by until she hit her “chorus”. Her voice was in a higher picture and completely lulled me in. It is by far my favorite part of the song. I was definitely thrown off by it on the first (in a good way), I was like “What is this?” and “YASSS”.

The only downside to this song would have the prolong instrumental in between her verses and chorus, it seems like there should be something more there and it doesn’t hit the roof fully. Throughout all of that, it’s a good song.


Music Recommendations: Sweet Love, Lonely Night, Eraser, Fire, When I Was Young, Time Lapse

You can buy a physical copy of Taeyeon’s album here

YesAsia| Ktown4U| Kpopmart| KpopTown

Muah ❤


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