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How I Became a K-pop Fan

f(x) electric shock teaser 2

Before I was ever into J-pop, I was a huge fan of K-pop and anything Korean. For the longest time there was only K-Pop for me and I did not listen or explore other genres of music. I first discovered K-pop and my favorite group back in Summer 2012, when I was still in high school.

I was surfing through YouTube videos on the homepage. I visited the homepage numerous times for a few days, and one video would not leave the entertainment popular section. Based on the aesthetically pleasing thumbnail (and the fact that it would not budge) I decided to click and watch video.

I was taken by surprise to see Asian girls in a  music video. The five girls were dressed in bright, mismatched outfits that are similar anime characters. Seriously…at that time my thoughts were “Oh! They look like anime girls. Cute.”  Those traits immediately caught my FX-Electric-Shockattention.  BUT! When everything was said and done and the music video was finished, I more or less moved on. While I enjoyed the music video and the experience it wasn’t anything I was interested in. At that time it was just another video I found on the internet.

It was later that day that the electronic rhythm and the addicting E-E-E Electric Shock along with the vision of the anime girls, started to repeat in my head. Those symptoms caused me to go back and watch the video to quench my thirst. It was at that moment I fell in love with K-Pop and F(x). The rest is history from there. I began watching all of their videos and downloading them on my phone. I also started to explore other groups as well.  Not only that but I did something that I’m sure most kpop fans do, I made sure to show everyone important my new discovery.

Be sure the share the love guys.

Muah! ❤


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