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Twice Signal Review

Twice is back with a ‘Signal’ for their fans

Signal (Music Video)

First Impression: When I heard that Twice was making a comeback, I wasn’t super excited. For me some twice songs are hits (Ooh Aah, TT) and others are misses (Knock Knock, Cheer Up). So instead of hyping myself up, I just decided to wait until their song was released (I think doing this ultimately saved the song for me).

Before I watched the music video, I read an article where fans and non-fans were dissing the song and it honestly turned me off. At that point, I only looked the music video to “hate-watch”.

After watching the full music video, I wasn’t exactly turn off. The song wasn’t completely horrible, but it also wasn’t as good or as catchy as their other songs. Still at the end of it all, I liked the song at least I liked it more than Knock Knock and Cheer Up.

Song: The beginning of the song, right up until Jeongyeon’s part, is my favorite part. And the chorus is my least(?). I don’t hate the chorus, but I feel like it’s a bit disconnected. From Jeongyeon to the end of the chorus… It all sounds so pretty and sweet but I think I would enjoy that sound as a different song?

Sign bonae, Signal bonae” is my favorite part, it sounds very catchy especially with Dahyun and Chaeyoung bouncing off of each other. Mina and Momo’s part are next after that. Overall, I wouldn’t dare say this song is a fail. Perhaps the anticipation of a bop ruined the song for others, they were expecting something of a higher standard and became disappointed when the song failed to meet the bar. Me, I had no such standard so there’s was nothing to be disappointed in.

Dance/ Outfits: The outfits for the music video has a some good points and bad points. Overall, collectively I enjoyed the uniform outfits for the most, I think they complimented all the girls the best.

And I would have to say, the next set of outfits aren’t my favorite. I like that they tried to do a retro vibe, but some of the outfits weren’t a good fit for some of the girls. I hate Sana and Chaeyoung’s outfit the most. 

Music Video: The music video was fun! All of the girls have a different special power that they try to use in order to get to their mystery man alien.

I’m not exactly sure what everyone’s super power was but it was fun to watch!

Others were a bit more easier to guess.

Can someone get Chaeyoung a new hairstyle please?

The ending was a bit confusing. Were they always aliens disguised as humans? Or were they turned into aliens by the aliens in the space ship?

Anyways, good job for twice! I hope this song does well for them.

Muah ❤


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