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Sistar Disbandment: Favorite Songs

Another beautiful and talent group has gone to the grave. I, like other fans, did not see this coming. Sistar has nice summer songs and public recognition. Paired with success, what more can a girl group want?

I am really interested in what the girls will venture off to do after their last comeback on May 31st! For now, here are some of my favorite Sistar songs.

I’ll link a playlist to the song videos or performances down below.


I Like That

Being that it’s their latest song released (as of today), I thoroughly enjoyed this song. It’s a different summer vibe from their previous releases, but they were beautiful and sexy, it was refreshing.


I Swear

I also thoroughly enjoyed this song. ‘ I Swear’ was shortly released after ‘Touch My Body’ and at the time (even now) I preferred this release. Not only was the song amazing but the music video was fun, a bit similar to ‘Loving You’


Ma Boy (Sistar19)

Ma Boy was my first Sistar19 experience (lol like most), I believe I first heard the song when girl group Secret did a cover. Shortly after hearing this song, Sistar19 released their second song.  It’s a refreshing and young song.


Give it to me, Crying, Hey You

‘Give to me’ is probably lower on my list of favorite songs but I still enjoy it and the era it lived in. ‘Crying’ and ‘Hey You’ are songs that Sistar performed lived and they are both great.


Some (Collaboration)

I fell into the ‘Some’ hype like everyone else did when it was released. It a perfect lovers song, Soyou and Junggigo voices melt together perfectly. The only complaint I have about this song is the rap, it’s really not necessary, if you watch the live performances of this song, I think you might think the same.


Lonely (Hyorin)

When Hyorin released this pre-release solo song, I fell in love with it. Her voice is raspy throughout the song and it’s not annoying, I enjoy this kind of music from her.


Loving You

Who doesn’t love ‘Loving You’? It’s one of Sistar’s most popular songs. It fun, energetic, and addictive.


Gone Not Alone Any Longer (Sistar19)

Bop! ^^

Seriously this song was a bit risque when it was released but it was always fine for me. Unlike ‘Ma Boy’ this song is not fun or young. It has a somber mood of break-up and heartbreak.


Ok Go!

Another fun energetic song, that I liked after watching Sistar perform iy live.

Honorable Mentions: While I enjoy both ‘Shake It’ and ‘Touch My Body’, they are not my favorite songs.

Sistar Favorite Songs Playlist (x)

Muah! ❤


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