Juice=Juice 2017 Member Ranking


Today I will be giving my official Juice=Juice ranking. To start off I would like to say that Juice=Juice is a group that I am fond of. And in all actuality they were my first Japanese Pop girl group I experienced, they didn’t fully bring into J-pop but it’s because of Juice=Juice I was able to expand and find Hello Project!

#5 Miyazaki Yuka

I was actually really fond of Yuka in the past. If you would’ve asked me my Juice=Juice ranking at another time (perhaps a year or two ago) then Yuka would’ve been at the top of that ranking… if she wasn’t number one. I think this was because I sympathized a lot with Yuka for many reasons but the growth of Juice=Juice has somehow pushed her to the very bottom of the ranking. For myself, I like idols who are capable performers and while I don’t mind amateur idols ( because I love to see idols grow into something more) Yuka seems to be at a standstill at least when compared to her group mates.

#4 Kanazawa Tomoko

When it comes to Juice=Juice’s unique vocalist  it has to be Tomoko! Her voice is what made me notice her.I don’t want there to be a mistaken idea that I dislike Tomoko, that is furthest from the truth. Tomoko has a tone that is unique to her, it’s both warm and rich. Her voice + looks make it easy for her to be anyone’s Oshi. The thing I like most about Tomoko is that only Tomoko can sound like Tomoko. (I also feel that Tomoko is a bit under appreciated for her part of Juice=Juice, do people actually know how great of a voice she has?)

#3 Takagi Sayuki

Ah, Sayuki Sayuki. For the most part, Sayuki and Tomoko rank about the same. And the reason Suyuki is placed above Tomoko is because I pay a bit more attention to her presence on stage. Within Juice=Juice, there’s no doubt it Sayuki’s vocal prowess. She is that girl in her team. Whenever I see Sayuki performing on stage, she is always putting in the most effort into making the performance… a performance. She is a determined girl.

#2 Miyamoto Karin

When it comes to Karin, I think I enjoy the essence of her as an performing idol more than anything. Karin is not the best singer in Juice=Juice but she’s definitely not the worse and can promptly hold her own. Karin for the most part of her career as a Juice=Juice member has been to the front and center of most things Juice=Juice. The reason for that probably relies in the fact that she is pure wota bait; and it doesn’t hurt that she’s not bad at singing and dancing either. In the past I remember disliking Karin a lot,  but that’s the not case anymore. I accept her for who she is and what she does.

#1 Uemura Akari

For the longest I was without a  permanent Juice=Juice oshi and only recently has Akari cemented her place as my Juice=Juice  oshi. I can tell the exact moment when Uemuu became my favorite Juice=Juice member.  I was well aware of Akari’s presence in Juice=Juice, I thought she was pretty and that was about it. I never really paid attention to her because she was (at the time) just a pretty back girl in Juice=Juice (alongside Yuka). But it was during a performance that I fell for her, I remember right down to the exact line she was singing. I remember thinking “Wow! This girl has really improved.” During that line she look so convincing and her line struck with its power, and I was instantly captivated.

Akari has came a long way and she improves every time I see. And slowly she is beginning to hold some center attention and singing important lines in Juice=Juice songs. No, she isn’t Juice=Juice’s ace Karin or star vocalist like Tomoko and Sayuki, but she is improving and making progress and that is what matters to me the most. I love to see her shine!

The exact song, line, and moment I fell for Uemura Akari: X

Muah! ❤


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