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Angerme Majokko Megu-chan Review



Majokko Megu-chan (Music Video)


Initial Impression: ‘Majokko Megu-chan’ did not leave a strong initial impression. The only surprising and noticeable thing is Kassa starting the song…and having a lengthy part. Comparing this song to the rest of Angerme’s discography, ‘Majokko Megu-chan’ is lacking.



Song: I’ll start off by mentioning that this song is a cover of an 70’s (??) anime theme song of the same name. The song is a nice upbeat track. The problem that I have is- it’s  boring. If the song was sung by another H!P group, I think I would’ve enjoyed it more. It’s not exactly Angerme’s style, in fact the entire single I found lacking.


I have high expectations for Angerme because of their ability to deliver. But I also understand that this song was given to Angerme because they’re are ambassadors for this years festival.


If I set aside my judgmental bias, then this song is fun and energetic with a touch of soft femininity. If I had to pick, the chorus and the ‘Shanrara’ are the catchiest (that’s what the chorus is for).  The last thing (which I think everyone agrees on) is that giving Kassa the bosom line is quite inappropriate… the girl is only 13.



Outfits are really pretty. I always enjoy soft pastel colored outfits, even though this might be seen as quite extravagant. I enjoy the soft touch~

Music Video:

Overall I would say that music video was sweet and simple with a nice flare of computer graphics and magic.


That’s a lot of magic


Getting hit the the graphics


This was surprisingly good, it seems like that creative team fell in love the CG. It adds a nice touch…of magic ^^ Now let’s bring Maho back with that magic.


And of course the icing keeps topping. I enjoyed these scenes as well. There seems to be a reflective theme in the music video. The girls sitting prettily in front of the mirrors came out well.

Here’s the original song

Wishing for Angerme’s success!


Muah! ❤


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