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It’s Baek Yerin

Today is the day a jewel was born.  I’ve followed Baek Yerin since the beginning of her professional career as a part of 15& (a vocally talented duo)

Baek Yerin is one of my girls. I like her the most for her musical talent. She’s not a flashy idol and prefers to give her music a different platform separate from idol music.

I adore idols but sometimes a girl just needs to listen to something that’s not as flashy…

Appreciation Post:

Baek Yerin’s solo debut is my favorite song of hers, hands down.  ❤️

Across the Universe 

What I enjoy about Baek Yerin is her love for preforming cover songs.  Her vocal tone is unique; I can always rely on her voice for just being hers and not sounding like another singer.

I think her vocal tone gives her cover songs a different flavor…a different sound if you will.

Chandelier by Sia

Right There by Ariana Grande 

My All by Mariah Carey

Muah ❤


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