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Apink Five Review

Apink is back with their sixth mini album. And as always the pink flavor remains to be unchanged.

Five (Music Video)


Initial Impressions: Before I clicked on the thumbnail of the first video teaser, I could tell that Apink decided to keep the same unchanging theme. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, that would only happen if the song was…stale.

Initially, like some of Apink’s recent releases the song didn’t stick much. The only thing that caught my attention was the Bomi’s chorus and hair, the ‘why oh why’, and Namjoo’s note at the end. Everything else went in one ear and out the other.



Song: Apink it seems will forever be known for their cute song. Which isn’t bad, I like cute and even more importantly I like Apink’s cute especially their older releases (BuBiBu anyone?).  I think they decided to stick with this concept because attempts of different concepts did not do as well as their usual aegyo concepts in the past.

The song starts off with a chorus, which in my opinion is not always the best decision. If done incorrectly, songs that start with a chorus can seem long and overplayed. But fortunately, I did not get this from ‘Five’.


Bomi starting the chorus and Eunji ending it is nothing new to Apink songs. Those are the two most recognized vocalist in their group, in regards to this I wish they would change their song formula because being predictable is boring. Namjoo’s high note at the end was not surprising but welcomed. In fact is felt very warm (O_o ???).


ANYWAYS, the song was nice. It wasn’t their best but it wasn’t their worst either. Apink’s song were bomb a couple of years ago but their music seems to be waning a bit. I would like them to go back to that if they continue to follow the aegyo concept.



Ah their outfits! I love their blue outfits, they are eye catching and sooo cute >_<


The Pink outfits do not make me happy.

This is an interesting piece


Actually. Aren’t they all?



A cute and simple board game…

Actually didn’t notice this the first few times I watched the music video. New card new theme?


In K-pop can you ever go wrong with a group circle?


Let’s all say no to Bomi’s hair


…expect for right here.


RECOMMENDED SONGS From Album: Kokkok (콕콕), EYES , I Like it(좋아요)

Muah! ❤


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