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Tsubaki Factory Hana Moyou Review

This is bit overdue but Tsubaki Factory is back with their second official single album! With this single album release with get to see more of Tsubaki Factory’s glorious colors. Hana Moyou (Music Video) Initial Impressions: Upon initial viewing, I enjoyed the song but I found it to be a bit underwhelming. It didn’t leave a… Continue reading Tsubaki Factory Hana Moyou Review

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Throwback Thursday 08: Shida Summer Arai Summer

Throwback Thursday is back with a J-pop sub-unit song. Now that I’m thinking about it this is my first throwback Thursday of a Japanese single that isn’t Hello!Project. Shakunetsu Summer ~SUMMER KING x SUMMER QUEEN~  This duo came together during summer ’16,; formed with Arai Hitomi from Tokyo Style Girls and Shida Yuumi from Yumemiro Adolescence.… Continue reading Throwback Thursday 08: Shida Summer Arai Summer

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Tokyo Style Girls Water Lily:Suiren Review

  This is my first Jpop review of a non-Hello Project group. In fact, when it comes to J-pop it is not often that I venture outside of Hello Project. But after seeing the covers for their latest single I was intrigued. Water lily: Suiren (Music Video) Initial Impressions: I was intrigued. I didn’t have… Continue reading Tokyo Style Girls Water Lily:Suiren Review

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T-ara Disbandment: Favorite Songs

Another amazing girl group is disbanding. These days, groups that debuted in 2009-2010 are dropping left to right. T-ara is a famous group in their own right. Famous for their hits songs and a controversy that stunted their career. Even amidst all of the hate, T-ara continued to promote and release music for their fans.… Continue reading T-ara Disbandment: Favorite Songs