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Tsubaki Factory 2nd Single Covers/ Profile Update

Tsubaki Factory is back with the covers of their second next release “Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou ” ❤

Hana Moyou

‘Hana Moyou’ if I had to guess would be a bright and happy song. A song that would suit Tsubaki Factory’s soft side. If we’re lucky, perhaps it would be on the same frequency as ‘Hitorijime’.


I am most excited for ‘Waratte’.  Based on the covers it seems to be powerful and has dimension… but that could just the work of the GD hehe ^_^

Shuukatsu Sensation

As for the last single, ‘Shuukatsu Sensation’, I can say that I’m not too excited for it. The song title and the concept/cover photos aren’t exactly appealing. I absolutely hate the outfits and I would hate to see the girls performing in these…that brings me to my next point.

Not only did they dress these girls in the god awful outfits but they made it their profile pictures. Any of the other concept photos would’ve fit nicely and fit the girls prettily; instead we’re stuck with this stale bread. T_T

And we’ll have these photos until the next release T_T

Muah ❤


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