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T-ara Disbandment: Favorite Songs


Another amazing girl group is disbanding. These days, groups that debuted in 2009-2010 are dropping left to right. T-ara is a famous group in their own right. Famous for their hits songs and a controversy that stunted their career. Even amidst all of the hate, T-ara continued to promote and release music for their fans. (Playlist Link down below)

Personally, I’m not a big T-ara fan or a stan but I do like their music. I make it a goal to check out every release. T-ara has a golden discography filled with amazing songs. And I like ALOT of them but I only added my top favs to list. ^_^

In no particular order


Reload & What’s My Name

I know that this is a more recent release but I’m still playing it left to right. I wouldn’t say these songs are the best of their best, but it’s good. It took me a while to hook on to “What’s My Name” but the live performances completely sold me on this.


Sugar Free & 남주긴 아까워 (I Don’t Want You)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ‘Sugar Free’! Omg! I played the crap out of this song and still enjoy it on occasion. Not only was I a big fan of this track but my mom was as well. EDM is a genre of music that I highly enjoy and ‘Sugar Free’ is EDM done right.

‘I Don’t Want You’ is ❤ . It has a very “Oh LaLa” feel to it, very romantic-french? (T_T) It’s soft and feminine, I adore it.


Never Ever (Jiyeon)

I love Jiyeon. Initially, I hated this song and crapped on it. But eventually my eyes open and I saw it for the beautiful masterpiece it is. I’m (im)patiently waiting for your comeback Park Jiyeon.


Do You Know Me

This song captivated me with it’s dramatic music video and the dance. Jiyeon’s intro and her “hey baby'” reeled me in. Every thing about the song and performance is theatrical, I love it ❤


Hide & Seek

‘Hide & Seek’ is a song I thoroughly enjoyed upon it’s release. I loved it so much that I was confused on how people can miss out on such a well done song. I especially love the highlight that Boram had, it completely shocked me out of my socks.


Jeon Won Diary (T-araN4)

Would you say that this song is unorthodox? Hmm, I like the high energy even if the concept is a bit messy? (??). The song is kind of messy as well but it’s also jamming. I can’t really make sense of it but it’s a song I relish in and play often.


Like the First Time

One of the few older T-ara songs that I get on with. It’s the airy chorus that hooked me on and the little shake that is accompanied with it >_^.

T-ara Favorite Songs Playlist (x)

Muah ❤



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