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Tokyo Style Girls Water Lily:Suiren Review



This is my first Jpop review of a non-Hello Project group. In fact, when it comes to J-pop it is not often that I venture outside of Hello Project. But after seeing the covers for their latest single I was intrigued.


Water lily: Suiren (Music Video)

Initial Impressions: I was intrigued. I didn’t have any high expectations because I only wanted to listen to the song because of the covers. I enjoyed the song on the first listen, hell, halfway through the first chorus. There was nothing for me to dislike.


Song: In the past, I’ve tried to venture into listening to Japanese music outside of Hello Project but none of the attempts were successful. I even listened to a few Tokyo Style Girls’ songs before but none of them stuck with me.

So in truth, I consider this to be my first Tokyo Style Girls’ song and I love it.


“So this is what J-pop music outside of Hello Project sounds like” was a prominent thought.  It had a mature vibe. The most noticeable thing I noticed was the lack of uncoordinated overlapping voices (something featured in H!P music heavily). The girls harmonized and took turns singing, it was splendid.

I also think the song has a strong western influence, which is something I believed attracted me to the song initially, the surprise factor. One of my favorite parts of the song would have to be the break section (?) where the music play; that’s when I feel the western influence the most. Overall, I think the song is A++.


Dance/Outfits: The outfits for the song are simple, and fit with their aqua theme. There are not shorts, skirts, or dresses things that are all very common in Jpop. The outfits didn’t distract from the music video or the music.


The dance was also surprising. Being an H!P fan, I am very much use to H!P style of dancing and I kind of expected all of Jpop (cringe) to dance in a similar fashion. But, no. I was again highly surprised and impressed by the dancing.



Like the outfits, the music video is simplistic. There are a few set changes but in all truth the only thing that changes is the color of the background.


In order to make up for the simple sets, aquatic and water theme effects. Some of the effects we’re goods… others I deemed unnecessary.


They also used a lot of neat visual patterns as well.


As far as video production, this is the only thing I find to be faulty.


This is was a great release, I will be keeping my eye on them in future.


Muah ❤


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