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Red Velvet Red Flavor Review


Red Velvet is back with their summer declaration ‘Red Flavor’

Red Flavor (Music Video)


Initial Impression:  I was expecting’Red Flavor’ to be a typical, atypical sm song. But it wasn’t.  The song even lacked a catchy hook. Very unusual but despite that I thought the song to be bearable.


While I enjoyed listening to the song, it didn’t stick to me. Very forgettable.

Song:  While Red Velvet has had their share of unusual songs, SM also gives the public friendly songs. And ‘Red Flavor’ is very public friendly and easy on the ears.


I usually have a crap ton to say about parts of the song that I don’t like or care for but there’s nothing for me to critique here T_T.


I do really enjoy the male voice part (??). You know what I’m talking about, right? Irene’s and Yeri’s rap were also pretty decent this time around.



The dance is good, Red Velvet has always delivered quality dances for their dance tracks; albeit this time it’s a bit more simple.


Ah ha! For once, the outfits make sense.  I don’t think there’s a particular outfit that makes me cringe.


I’m also enjoying the variety of different outfits. I find them to be all cute and wearable; hopefully this translates well onto the stage.




There’s a lot going on in the music video. A lot of random shots, that I feel don’t contribute to  a solid video concept.  In fact, the concept of the music video is lost to me.

Fruit interview?


Wild fruit in the background; Someone definitely went overboard with the green screen while filming and editing.


If you look to the right of the screen during the interview sections, you’ll see the girls signing for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Baby pictures and fruit. Welp.



Recommended Songs:  Zoo & You Better Know

Muah! ❤


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