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Concert: Hyuna in Dallas

I recently went to my second concert in Dallas, Texas. The other concert I attended was a kpop concert as well (BTS in 2015).

This time I did not drive to town for  boy group but for the queen herself.  Hyuna recently finished her North American Tour 2017: The Queen’s Back, for which she traveled The States and Canada. I believe she had 8 shows ( I could be wrong).  I attended the show in Dallas on March 6.

A months later, I’m here to showcase the videos I took of her performances. In the beginning I recorded her on my snapchat (horrible horrible) but the video I will post here are going to be whole videos from my phone camera.

Please keep in mind that I tried to pay attention to her instead of the my phone. And because of that some of the shots are a bit funky.

Also I would like to say that this was more a fanmeeting. It was marketed as concert but she only performed a select number of songs. There was a lot of talking and a few games. She was very nice and had awesome fanservice.

How’s This




A Talk

French Kiss 

Muah! ❤


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