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Tsubaki Factory Hana Moyou Review


This is bit overdue but Tsubaki Factory is back with their second official single album! With this single album release with get to see more of Tsubaki Factory’s glorious colors.

Hana Moyou (Music Video)


Initial Impressions: Upon initial viewing, I enjoyed the song but I found it to be a bit underwhelming. It didn’t leave a bitter taste in my mouth but I definitely didn’t have me thirsting for more.


Song: Regardless of initial impressions, I do not hate the song. I get along with it well, it’s just I think it could have been a bit more. Don’t worry I still love Tsubaki Factory and I will continue to support them.


For me, I think the song is a bit up and down with both the lyrics, feelings relayed and the beat.

I greatly enjoyed both the chorus and whispered contradictions. But that’s about it, it’s a fine song but overall a bit lackluster.


Dance/Outfits: The first thing I noticed at the beginning of the MV is Ogata Risa starring as the dance center. Which I found to be bit odd considering that she’s not apart of the Tsubaki dance trio (Kiki, Saori, and Mao) nor is she a regular center.


As the video continues to play, I noticed that Kiki was missing from the dance scenes all together (she’s still featured in the PV). As many now know, Kiki was on hiatus for a back injury. But, even so she was able to film the dance scenes for two other music videos.

Back to the main subject, the dance. The dance is awesome, a bit more dynamic than Tsubaki’s past dances… I really like the floor work.


The outfits are incredibly simple and white. Nothing incredibly fancy, but they old fit the song well. Hana Moyou translates to flower pattern but Tsubaki is nothing wearing anything that resembles flowers or a pattern…interesting.



We got sepia and blurry trio shots. Also notice that when it came to these shots, the flowers were the only pop of color.

In fact, the video is filled with white. White outfits and white backgrounds and the only real color comes from the vibrant flowers.


Here’s the dose of Kiki we were missing.


When we weren’t in sepia and dusty filled filters we got a bit of crisp of clean dance shots. Check out Yumeno’s fierce gaze.

What were your thoughts?

Muah! ❤


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