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Taeyeon Holiday Night Teasers

Girls Generation will release their 10 year anniversary album on August 4, 2017. Now it’s Taeyeon’s turn for her individual teasers! I’ll mostly focus on Taeyeon and the album details, because Taeyeon is my boo! ❤

First up we have Taeng’s individual solo video teaser, we get a sneak peek of a music video and a look back at kid Taeyeon.

Lucky for us a fan translated a bit of what Taeyeon said in the teaser video.

To me, SNSD is like a country. It’s a process of discovering what I can do best. Within SNSD, I’ve been able to do diverse things. Everyone eventually goes back to their home, and their hometown, so I hope members are home-like. I hope that SNSD can be a (home-like) existence to (each member of) SNSD.



After precious words from Girls Generation’s leader, it’s time for album details.

On their website, along with solo teaser videos, the company is also giving snippets of songs from the album. Here is Taeyeon’s teaser version ‘Girls Are Back’.

The girls will be coming back with a double title track, ‘All Night’ and ‘Holiday’. ‘All Night’ is written by famed SM composer Kenzie.And ‘Holiday’, was written by SNSD’s maknae Seohyun!


Seohyun also wrote ‘Sweet Talk’. This is not the first time Seohyun has written songs for her group, but this is the first time one of those songs was chosen to be a title track! SNSD’s Yuri also wrote a song for this album, ‘It’s You’.


Overall the album will consist of 10 songs! Ten songs for ten years? I’m excited for their comeback, it has felt like forever since there was content. Taeyeon Hwaiting! Girls Generation Hwaiting!

Muah! ❤


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