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What I’m Looking Forward To: August

There’s so much that’s happening in August;  I thought I would create a list so that I won’t forget or overwhelm myself. And as usual I am keeping this girl group friendly~

Girls Generation – Holiday Night


I am really excited about Girls Generation comeback, it’s in celebration of their 10 year anniversary. I’m prepped and ready to listen to their album especially since a few members helped with this album. I think it’s bound to be extra special.

CLC – Free’SM


Both my bestfriend and I really enjoyed their last release Hobgolbin and because of that I’m interested in what concept they will come back with this time. I only looked at few teasers and it doesn’t seem like they will continue with the girl crush concept.

Gfriend – Parallel


Ah, Gfriend is returning to their lovely innocent concept after trying something a bit more daring with their last comeback ‘Fingertip’. I’m a little disappointed at the reversion mostly because I think fans didn’t appreciate it enough. But the song is bound to be awesome, it’s Gfriend BTW.

Jessica – My Decade


Sica Sica is also celebrating her 10 year debut anniversary despite her departure from Girls Generation. Jessica wrote 6 out of 7 songs on this album and that’s the most exciting part for me. I hope she comes back with a mature song like ‘Love Me the Same’. I skipped listening to her second album, but I’m more excited for this one.

Weki Meki – WeMe (Debut)


Such a odd name for a new girl group. But two girls from IOI are in this group and I’m going to check it out for them.

Juice=Juice – Fiesta! Fiesta!

The only J-pop group on the list, I’m excited for the official release of this song. It’s awesome and I was immediately hooked.

That’s it for this list, I listen to boy groups but I don’t talk about them here. Who are you most excited for this month?

Muah! ❤


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