Jpop · Review

Juice=Juice Fiesta Fiesta!

I know this isn’t an official-official release but it is a new digital single from Juice=Juice that I really enjoy.


It’s also a single with their two new members Ruru and Nanami! ❤  It’s their official debut!


I was completely enthralled by their live performance of this. And throughly impressed by Danabara Ruru! (I watched Nanami in Country Girls, I know her skill level ^^)

H!P has released many types of music inspired by other parts of the world and other cultures before, this is my favorite.

I think this song was prompted by Juice=Juice’s world tour, where they will stop by and perform in Mexico. Besides the random man speaking in the song, the only Spanish words that I could make out were ‘Fiesta’ (party) and ‘Te Amo’ (I love you). Haha, thank you three years of high school Spanish!

Oh how I wish there was an official music video for this song 😭 T_T

What do you think of the new song? 

Muah! ❤


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