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Happy Birthday to best Vitamin, F(x)’s Luna! Today Park Sunyoung (and her twin) turn 25 today! ^_^


For a long time, Luna was my main attraction to my favorite group, F(x). She was very bright and happy, and sometimes she seemed misunderstood. How anyone could hate a talent and energy like hers puzzles me to my core. When fans become weary and tired, Luna always gives us hope that F(x) is still there.

Luna has always been musically involved and inspired. She does musicals, OSTs, Guerilla performances with her university class mate and more. I guess that’s to be expected of someone who comes from a musical family.

Her Solo

Luna’s solo debut was completely overlooked,  ‘Free Somebody’ is such an amazing song~ I still love it to this very day.

Even though Luna is F(x)’s main vocal she was originally scouted as a dancer when she was a kid.


Luna has also participated in many collaborations. One of my all time favorites would have to be her collaboration with EXID’s Hani and Mamamoo’s Solar.

Two lost souls that have joined together, Amber and Luna, always play well together. They have amazing energies when it’s just the two of them performing.

Honestly I could go on and on about Luna. She’s an amazing idol and singer. She an all-over talent that many people sleep on. I just wanted to take this time and day to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ❤


My best vitamin, hwaiting! ❤ ❤ ❤

Muah ❤



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