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9Muses Love City Review


Nine Muses is back! This time they’re in the city of love~

9Muses Love City (Music Video)



Initial Impressions: I was pleasantly surprise that I got along with ‘Love City’, especially  in comparison to their last release ‘Remember’. I definitely enjoy it more than ‘Remember’ and the video is higher quality as well. I was surprise because I was sure I was going hate the song like I did ‘Remember’. The song succeeded my very low expectations, haha ^^.


Song:  While I enjoy ‘Love City’, I don’t think it’s the best they could offer. Nor do I think it’s as good as their past music when the group was more or less full. In fact, I would like to say that they’re going in a different musical direction.

The pre-chorus is one of my favorite parts, it’s very simplified with “Oops Oops” and “Dash-Dash” and more. This theme kind of carries on into the end of the chorus. It’s a bit immature but it’s something that’s stuck in my head whenever I think of this song. Very catchy.



Yeah, I’m also not very fond of they way they used Sojin’s voice. I get it, it can be husky when she wants it to  be but it’s not the only thing she can do. The whole whisper talk thing is getting old – also I would like point out that she’s saying

“Scandal pop, Saucebox”

…. why that is even a thing is beyond me; It both amuses and befuddles me.


Besides that I enjoy the song okay, the line distribution is fine as well. It could be better, and honestly, it’s a bit sad that their music production quality fallen.

Dance/Outfits: I enjoy the fact that there’s no uniform outfits.  Very cute and urban outfits. I actually didn’t think much of the dance until I saw the live. I think it’s a bit below their average dance skill but it’s cute and fits the song.


Oh, wait. I was wrong. These are butt ugly.


I am particularly in love with Sojin’s outfits


MV: The MV isn’t particularly special nor is there a story line. But I definitely enjoy the TV pan out scenes, those aren’t anything special either but I enjoy it here A LOT. Inception?



The girls seem to hold a lot of anger towards the male figures in the music video

Capture9.JPGFirst the bear


Next… a Ken doll?


And poor little Pinocchio


Sidenote: I really like Sojin’s makeup here.

I also think these pastel flower scenes are nice; they stand out from the rest of the music video because they’re so different.

9Muses Hwaiting!


Muah! ❤


2 thoughts on “9Muses Love City Review

  1. Their songs can be hit or miss with me, but I must admit this one really won me over. Like from the moment the song started I was thinking this is not what I expected. O.O” haha


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