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Hyuna’s 10 Year Anniversary: Top Songs


From Wonder Girls to 4minute to solo debut to Trouble Maker and Triple H, Hyuna has been in the industry for 10 years and she’s only 25!

To celebrate her reaching this milestone, I’ve put together a list of my favorite songs (I’m only using her solo work) and as usual I’ll provide a playlist of the songs at the end of the article.

In no particular order



Freaky was such an surprise upon hearing it the first time, it’s cute but no so cute. Actually a nasally Hyuna cute. Awesome song that enough people don’t realize exist.


A Talk

A Talk, is a slower tempo song. I don’t there’s anything particularly special about this song, but it’s a nice change of pace.



Hehe^^ I love this new released Jam! It’s different from her last three tracks and the fact that it’s cute makes it even more attractive from a fans point of view. I wasn’t expecting this at all, it took me by surprise for sure.


Roll Deep

Roll has got to be hands down my favorite Hyuna solo song. The music video and song both drive me crazy. To me this is the best thing she has every released.


French Kiss

Lets French Kiss ❤ I was introduced to this song by a fellow fan, it’s such a energetic and feminine song. It also has strong summer vibes.



Hyuna is red, don’t you know? I didn’t hate this song when it was initially released like most people. In fact I still yell to bop in my car all the time.


Ice Ice

OMG! This is my favorite Hyuna collab ever! This album was released after the first season of ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ and I knew who Yuk Jidam was. I was completely stoked to hear that she made a song with Hyuna. It’s kind of sad to think they haven’t performed this live, yet. T_T



Blacklist is “I’m going to kick your ass and not be sorry about it”.  LE and Hyuna surprisingly fit well together, they dominated the stage for this performance, and LE brings some serious work to the table.

Hyuna Favorite Songs Playlist (x)


Muah! ❤


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