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Throwback Thursday 12: Dreamcatcher

I’ve basically missed the whole month of October. But! I have been really busy and stressed about school and work (basically I’m always tired). I will do my best to get back to posting regularly.

Another little tidbit, my birthday passed at the beginning of the month. Your girl is officially 22~

Because it’s the month of all things scary and dark, I thought I would dedicate this Throwback Thursday to something that matches; Something a little dark and rock.

2lRUzw (1)

‘Chase Me’ is Dreamcatcher’s second debut under a new name, concept, and genre. And as of now, there’s nothing similar to their style in kpop. They have a dark concept (I know it’s not the darkest, but it’s fitting) and awesome vocals.

Chase Me




Goodnight, is the sequel to ‘Chase Me’ at visual and video wise.  I hope they continue with vibes similar to this.

Thanks for reading, Happy October!

Muah! ❤


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