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Kpop Christmas Music 01: F(x)

For the Holidays, Kpop Throwback Thursday will be replaced with Kpop Christmas Music. I’ll try to post Kpop Christmas every thursday. Basically it’s still Throwback Thursday, it’s just Christmas themed.

The first song was released in 2015 by F(x). I rediscovered this song while preparing my Christmas playlist.


Wish List

I loved this song when it was released, but I don’t typically play holiday music outside of the holidays; so after Christmas this song was swept under the rug.

‘Wish List’ is a pop-dance track. It has the perfect happy-expecting-christmas mood. And the chorus, is my favorite part (along with the intro), there’s something about it that makes me want to move by body. I also enjoy all of the ‘ooh ahhs’.

Compared to their previous christmas song, ‘Wish List’ is a bit more mature, and the happiness isn’t exactly thrown in your face like ‘1 2 3’.

Sadly, there is no offical music video or performance of this song.

Also Check Out: 1 2 3 by F(x)

Muah! ❤


4 thoughts on “Kpop Christmas Music 01: F(x)

  1. I really like this song. 🙂 Normally holiday songs in general aren’t my thing but this sounded so unique to me. It rides that weird line I like, where it feels both upbeat but very laid back and chill to if that makes sense. O.O”

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