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Kpop Christmas Music 02: Secret

Happy Turkey Day!

This is my first my post about Secret on this blog. That is extremely sad.  Secret has a great discography filled with so many good songs; It’s sad that they’re sitting in the basement.

But! We’re not here to focus on the negative things, we’re here to get into the christmas spirit! And as the saying goes “It’s never to early to start listening to Christmas music”



I Do I Do

‘I do, I do’ is not your typical Christmas song. It’s not belting out ‘Christmas’ and ‘Santa’ left and right. It is Christmas theme, but the concept of the song is more about love. It’s about spending time with the person you want to be with during the holidays.

It’s a perfect song for those that hate Christmas-y Christmas music.

This song was recorded during Secret’s cute phase (which I was totally there for) and is extremely cute. The aegyo is out of this world in the: song, music video, and dance. As I’ve said a million times here on this blog; I love aegyo and most cute things, and I definitely don’t shy away from those areas. The more cute it is the better.

The dance for the chorus is my favorite part. I remember when it was released, my mom and I were very tickled by it.

This post is really taking my down Secret memory lane, it’s a bit sad to see that they’re not active. Hopefully that will change soon. ^_^

Muah! ❤


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