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November: K-pop Music in Review

Quite a few things were released in November, that I didn’t have a chance to write a review for. I would like to a take a moment to reflect on the past month with you guys. ^_^



The music video doesn’t make sense to me but I enjoy watching it. ‘DDD’ is another one of EXID’s signature sounds, which is probably why it’s like-able. I do enjoy the verses and pre-verses a lot. Hani and Junghwa did it well, that is something that stands out to me. I definitely didn’t think they could pull that off.

The chorus is the same and so is LE rap styles. Regardless of the repetitive format, I still enjoy DDD.

Sonamoo- I (Knew It)


Since Sonamoo stopped releasing cute songs, they’ve done no wrong in my eyes.  Their last two songs and concepts fit them well.

Both the song and the dance has latin influence, it’s a mid-tempo dance track. The soft “I” repeated throughout stands out and sticks.

Twice- Likey


Technically a late October release, but we’re just going to shove it in here. Who likey? Me likey T_T

While I enjoy this song, it is a song that’s true to Twice’s music. Their consistently pop-y music is becoming a bit mundane to me. And while I do enjoy this song (as do many others) is wrong to want a different concept? Something a bit less pop?

Because at this point, I think we’ve established that Twice is really good at pop.

Anyway, good song. Yay.

Minah – 11°


Minah has released a somber song fit for the cold and dreary weather. This release took me by surprise, I definitely wasn’t paying attention to it because it seemed to come out of nowhere.

’11°’ is both sad and beautiful; Minah’s voice is so soft and remorseful throughout the song. It’s hard not to feel a bit down when listening. I don’t know how well it is doing on the charts, but I think this was an excellent release for this time of the year.

Lovelyz- Twinkle


Honestly ‘Twinkle’ is sub-par to me. Though, I do like it more than their last two releases ‘Wow’ and ‘First,We’. I don’t know, this is not catching on with me. The only thing that sticks with me, it Kei’s first part in the chorus; I thoroughly enjoy that part of the song even though it is heavy with vibrato (which isn’t something I usually enjoy). I loved every Lovelyz release up until ‘Wow’ and I’m not enjoying this trend of not falling in love with their songs.

LOONA (Yves) – New


I am fairly (really) new to LOONA and I’m trying to figure things out.  I like ‘New’ it was nice and simple (as are most of the LOONA songs that I’ve listen to are). The only thing is that I felt like I’ve heard this song before. It sounds very familiar. Despite that, it is still a nice simple song to listen too.

Red Velvet- Peek-A-Boo (Full Review)

Let me know if you agree or disagree with anything I said.

Muah! ❤



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