Short Announcement

I wanted to make a short announcement to keep you guys updated. tumblr_oubjepH4GQ1s0guufo1_1280

There’s a lot that I want to write about, but do to unfortunate circumstances I do not have the time to write as much as I desire. It’s final time. Finals actually start this weekend and for me they end on Monday (longer for other people).

I have one test and 4 papers (I’ve already started on my papers, thank goodness) T_T.

And right after I finish taking my finals, I will be leaving that state for about a week and a half. Because I’m leaving I don’t know how my posting schedule will be, I will try to pre-write a few articles before I leave though.

I also thought that I would give you guys a heads up about my upcoming plans for future post (I might or might not get a chance to do these):

Hyuna Lip and Hip Review

Oda Sakura Sakura Breeze Review


Morning Musume album review

Kpop Christmas

Japanese Essays

Riho Zenshu Review

That’s what I would like to get done on this blog in the upcoming month/ holiday break.

Until then, see you!


Muah! ❤


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