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Oda Sakura 2nd Photobook ‘Sakura Breeze’ Photobook

Yay! This post is finally here! I actually got my book before my mini vacation in December. A lot of time passed and I am definitely ashamed of how long it has taken me to get this done. Most of it has to do with the content of this post, let’s just say this is… Continue reading Oda Sakura 2nd Photobook ‘Sakura Breeze’ Photobook


「にほんごのさくぶん 2」Japanese Essay 2

Hi, guys! I wanted to continue to share some of things I’m learning in class. Last semester (Fall 2017), I took the second part of elementary Japanese. For this course we had to write two essays. This is the first essay and I will post the second essay later. I turned this essay in for… Continue reading 「にほんごのさくぶん 2」Japanese Essay 2

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Throwback Thursday 14: EXID

This week’s song is one that I slept on so hard, it’s unbelievable. Night Rather than Day After smoothly discovering this song after DDD’s release, I fell in love with it. I believe that I initially avoided and ignored this release because of Solji’s absence. Solji’s isn’t my favorite member but the comeback did not… Continue reading Throwback Thursday 14: EXID