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LOONA YYXY Love4eva Mini Review


Loona’s final subunit before their official big debutt *cough* in August *cough* is here. YYXY for Young Young by Youth consist of the last four members to debut Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye.

LOONA YYXY Love4eva (Music Video)

Let’s start off with what I enjoyed. I loved all of their outfits, I don’t think plaid has ever looked so good. It makes me want to wear plaid, I love being inspired by idol fashion.


Secondly, I’m not sure who Grimes is (I’ve heard her name somewhere else before) but I like her small addition to the song. She has the perfect sickly sweet voice.

Lastly is the theme of the music video. The most obvious underlying theme is bullying. Olivia Hye (the last member to debut) is being outcasted by the other girls. Bullying is a huge issue inside the kpop industry as well as out of it. I’m glad that Loona was able to showcase that.


Sadly, I did not enjoy the song. And it’s not because it’s cute. If anyone knows anything, then you know I live  for cutie music. I think this was poorly done and lacked quality. They had everything lined up to be perfect but this was a major miss with me. There’s nothing that makes the song stick and there are some parts of the song that don’t exactly flow together. I’m a bit disappointed; hopefully their repackage song is better.

I do think this song is the kind that can grow on you after listening to it a few times, I found it to more bearable the second and third time I heard it.


What are your thoughts? I’m curious, did you enjoy this song the first time you heard it?

Muah! ❤


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